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Kevin Hendrickx
“We make tomatoes look trendy” Each year, the economic weekly Trends rewards the fastest growing firms of Belgium. After being already chosen as the ambassador of its own province, Den Berk Délice of the city of Merksplas, made it to the first place at the national event in Brussels Expo. “It is an honour that […]
Wouter Van Gulck
The growing economic interdependence of different countries has ensured the preservation of peace and wealth. Whoever advocates protectionism and isolation puts all of this at risk, warns GCP Chairman, Christoph Leitl.
CCI Hainaut
In the south of Belgium – the eastern part of the Hainaut province – and more precisely around the cities of Charleroi, Mons and La Louvière, are hiding some gold nuggets. In this part of Wallonia, conviviality and enthusiasm are not just words. Let me list you some examples that will certainly leave you speechless. A huge […]
Anne Georges
Brussels is a lively, sophisticated city that is dazzling with international flair and a cosmopolitan outlook. As a crossroads for Europe, you will find here expatriates from all over the world living side by side here and this translates to a fascinating living environment that is culturally rich while retaining the intimacy of a local town.
Wouter Van Gulck
On 12 February 2017, HEM Pieter de Crem, Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, escorted by a 35-member Delegation involving no less than 17 Belgian companies from the three Regions of Belgium and Luxembourg, landed in Dubai in the framework of a Multisectorial Economic Mission to the UAE. Important Belgian Companies such as Besix, Tractebel, […]
Dominique Verleye
With 147,235 workers (of which 20 % are self-employed), more than 10,000 firms, a science park related to a world-known university and 7 business parks, Walloon Brabant is a big economic hub. The pharmaceutical industry is the growth engine of the region.
Wouter Van Gulck
The vote on the CETA agreement with Canada has acquired added importance given the unprecedented levels of uncertainty about global trade and the future of the rules-based international trading system.
Petra Van Bouwelen
The city of Mechelen is a business center offering numerous opportunities to foreign businesses ready to be settled in Europe. On top of providing the advantages of being close to the thriving economic centers of Belgium without the inconvenience of big cities, Mechelen also benefits of a fantastic entrepreneurial spirit and the presence of internationally renowned players like Alken-Maes (Brewery), Belven (valves manufacturing), Dupont de Nemours (chemicals), Galapagos (biotechnology), Sanoma (publishing)…
Mathieu Maes
Mathieu Maes
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It might not be popular to say it but trade matters. In fact it matters today more than ever. We want to show you why… by quoting seven hidden gems of Belgium to whom trade matters.
Jill Suetens
In these cold days, I was asked to write something on our warm and hospitable region of Antwerp and Waasland and our Chamber of Commerce. I am not an original inhabitant of Antwerp, nor of Waasland – which are basically the right and left bank of the river Scheldt; so I can state in a […]