You said Belgian Luxembourg ?

It is indeed Luxembourg. But it’s in Belgium. And it’s great, green… And good !

Of course you know Brussels, Antwerp,… And of course, you do not know any big city of our region, since there is not any… Perhaps because people here are modest. But above all hard-working… the province benefits from a very peaceful social climate. Of course, we have many forests and old mountains that give our landscape such beautiful curves and the green horizon many tourists enjoy. No traffic jams, easy parking; companies enjoying much space to expand, snow in the winter. And that’s not all ! Belgian Luxembourg is a terroir of many tasty products.


They are probably on top of the podium. Sure you have heard about Orval, la Chouffe, Lupulus, la Rulles, which are big labels – or let’s say great beers – sold nearly all over the world… But since a few years, micro-breweries have developed in an impressive way : la Corne du Bois des Pendus, la Troufette, la 421, la Chatte, la Gengoulf, la Clochette, la St-Monon, la Fantôme, l’Oster,… All those « ladies » are not only appreciated by consumers, they are also regularly rewarded by experts in big international competitions.

What about a piece of ham ?

To accompany beer, you can of course eat cheese. We also have some. But what is really widespread in our region, are the delicatessen : smoked sausages, pâtés, hams – the famous “Jambon d’Ardenne”, who owns a GI; various specialities (like the “Pâté gaumais”),… What is fun, is that you can add beers to the recipes, so that you can really find products here you can see nowhere else: pâté with Orval, sausage with Chouffe…

Japanese people love our chocolate

Not only breweries export their products. In Belgian Luxembourg, we have craftsmen producing such good chocolate that it is exported until Japan… Or they are called to dispense their knowledge in Italy… And again, you cannot imagine how creative our producers are, skilfully mixing beers with chocolate… But not only ! Flowers, fruits, tea, nuts… are also inspiring our craftsmen, so that everybody can choose his/her very favourite chocolate !

A helping end for small producers

If you find in our region big and very well structured companies, you also, and even mainly, meet SMEs. Important for those small producers is that the Chamber of Commerce can help them find their way in a highly regulated and competitive environment. For example, we are partners of a project called “Filière AD-T” for development of a sustainable cross-border agro-food sector. Concretely, we help small producers to become more professional, and then, we try to let them grasp opportunities on the other side of the border.

Come and discover !

The examples we gave are of course not exhaustive… And agro-food is not the only major sector. But is it not the most seductive to make sure you come and visit us ?

Enjoy our landscape, peacefulness and tasty products… And perhaps you will also taste the envy to stay here, to work here, to invest here… If this is the case, our Chamber of Commerce and our partners will be glad to welcome you and to introduce you to the network of entrepreneurs of the region. See you soon !

And to discover the products referenced in the article:

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