Health House, a first of its kind innovative exhibition platform on the future of health and care

In a fast-paced era in which technology is shaping the future, Health House offers a unique platform for various stakeholders and allows them to showcase, educate, learn, experience and interact on cutting-edge digital technology and disruptive future trends in health and care.

Technology, ecosystems and the promise of true healthcare

Healthcare as we know it is on the verge of a paradigm shift. Moving away from our current sick-care model towards true health-care. From a primary re-active towards a primary pro-active healthcare model, that is more predictive, preventive, personalized, participative and that takes place also outside the hospital walls.

The above shift is driven by socio-economic and demographic factors (e.g. increasing citizen consciousness and participation, ageing population) but also by the convergence of a series of upcoming technologies (artificial intelligence, 3D-printing, nanotechnology, cloud computing, next generation sequencing, internet of things – to name just a few) that are pushing for new solutions and business models in a very bottom-up manner.

In this era of change (and according to some, “change of era” might even be the better term) it is imperative to think multidisciplinary and cross-border, to team up and collaborate, to build and act in networks and ecosystems. More than ever, it is crucial to show excellence, to know and to be known.

Showcasing the future of health and care

At Health House, we build showcases on the current trends and developments in the field of health and care innovation. In today’s information overload, those stories help make a distinction between short-lived hypes and the inevitable future for which professionals and organizations urgently need to start preparing. Curated by experts and key opinion leaders, these stories can be harnessed both for educational and commercial purposes, i.e. as a learning or content marketing tool.

Besides, by giving innovators a unique opportunity to present their activities, achievements and vision to their stakeholders, we enable them to reach different objectives all at once: making a vision tangible, kick-starting collaboration, initiating multi-stakeholder discussions, raising awareness, information and education, marketing and sales, etc.

In our opinion, both types of stories – depicting the inevitable trends and developments from a general perspective as well as the vision of the innovators themselves – offer valuable windows to the future of health and care, and help our partners, sponsors and clients showcase and communicate in a more efficient way.

Frontrunners both in what we show and in how we show it

Besides being excellent in terms of the content we offer, Health House strives to be innovative and leading in terms of our technological toolbox and our unique approach designed to showcase the future of health and care.

Rather than going for a standard type of exhibition hall model – an environment in which one simply cannot create dazzling experiences, let alone visitor-tailored ones – we have designed a new exhibition concept, dwelling on the power of visualization, experience and storytelling.

Our exhibition infrastructure harbors a series of programmable installations, all supported by digital content visualization technologies (e.g. projectors and screens, but also VR headsets, interactive installations based on motion sensing, 3D immersive imaging, etc.).

Each installation can be readily loaded and re-loaded with digital content (movies, infographics, applications, etc.). As such, this set-up allows us to flexibly program visitor-tailored experiences and to communicate to the different audiences in a customized way.

At the crossroads of health, technology and creativity

 Located in Leuven, in the center of Belgium and near Brussels, Health House nourishes the city’s ambition of building a unique and innovative ecosystem at the crossroads of health, high-tech and creativity.

Health House is a proud member of Leuven Mindgate, established in 2015 to position the Leuven region internationally as a top destination in those three areas and to strengthen the region’s ecosystem for the benefit of local companies. Voka – Chamber of Commerce of Flemish Brabant is one of the founding partners and driving forces behind this innovative branding and networking initiative.

Communication as a step to interaction and collaboration

By raising awareness, fostering adoption and stimulating cross-border collaboration and innovation, Health House wants to help unlock the full economic and societal potential of health technology, thus leveraging local assets for global impact.

Health House is a facilitator in the innovation ecosystem by strengthening the presentation and communication efforts of our partners, sponsors and clients, and by connecting them with their key stakeholders in a most unique manner.

We strongly believe that our unique approach in presenting regional innovation assets – in terms of research, valorization, entrepreneurship, industry – underpins the innovative strengths of our region. This makes Health House the best place for hosting international delegations and visits.

Opening doors in Spring 2018

Health House is currently hosting the professional audience of its founding partners imec, UZ Leuven and KU Leuven (three world-renowned players: respectively a nano and digital technologies research center, a university and a university hospital) as well as the city of Leuven and the province of Flemish Brabant.

However, our partner network is growing and we already opened up our value proposition to a series of new partners, both private and public. Thanks to our partner network, not only our content repository is growing, but also our capacity to make meaningful connections and to become a trusted facilitator and matchmaker.

A successful proof of concept can open doors to different future growth scenarios. A way forward could be an expansion into additional innovation domains (besides smart health). Or we could target other audiences (besides the professional segment). We are only at the start of our project, but our ambitions are high.

Welcome to Health House, welcome to the future of health and care!

Contact: Dr. An Tanghe, Managing Director of Health House


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