Patricia De Backer

France opens up its doors!


The French-Belgian Chamber of Commerce North of France (CCFB) welcomes all Belgian and Luxembourg companies having projects in the Hexagon. As the French market is not only geographically close but does also represent a 60 million consumers market, Belgian companies easily consider crossing the border. As in all foreign or new markets there is one thing to remember: nothing is complicated but you should always ask for advice first!

CCFB has 4 priority areas:

General information on the French market

  • Regulation
  • Tax system
  • Detachment rules
  • Advice in setting up a French (commercial) structure

    Lunch debate


  • Technical breakfast seminars
  • Lunch or dinner debates with well-known speakers
  • Company visits, annual cross-border golf tournament, B2B meetings

 Business Centre

  • Commercial address or head office address along one of Lille’s most prestigious boulevards
  • French telephone numbers
  • Telephone permanence
  • Administrative back-office

    Lunch debate with Ambassador Vincent Mertens de Wilmars

Office renting

  • Permanent or temporary office / meeting room rent (per hour, (half a) day)
  • A la carte organization of your seminars


Thank you for more than a decade of excellent counseling and administrative work. This has allowed our Belgium-based company to set up a subsidiary in France and, subsequently, to develop its activities in the best possible way. The Chamber advised us very wisely from the start, organized complicated administrative tasks that would have been very difficult for us to carry out without your expertise. You also followed up on many tasks that were vital to our activity. We really appreciated your professionalism and good spirit.

Catherine et Charles Flower

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