Wouter Van Gulck
During a working visit to Moscow, the Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce signed a cooperation agreement with the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation. The Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation brings together more than 180 chambers of commerce in Russia and represents 52,000 companies. It is the largest business organization in […]
Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce
A one of the fastest growing economies in the world, China continues to attract companies of all shapes and sizes to its markets. However, opportunity also can be a challenge. It is strongly recommended to be aware of the up-to-date laws and regulations at first in order to gain a success in China. 1. Methods […]
Patricia De Backer
The French-Belgian Chamber of Commerce North of France (CCFB) welcomes all Belgian and Luxembourg companies having projects in the Hexagon. As the French market is not only geographically close but does also represent a 60 million consumers market, Belgian companies easily consider crossing the border. As in all foreign or new markets there is one […]
Camille Desauvage
At the heart of 100 million consumers market in a range of 300 km, Wallonie Picarde the western part of the Hainaut province is ideally located at the gateway of Wallonia, between Lille and Brussels and directly connected to Flanders. When it comes to investment projects, the region sparks the interest of many Belgian […]
Bert Mons
The Province of West Flanders as it name says, in the western part of Belgium, bordering the North Sea is characterized by a unique ecosystem of SMEs(mostly family-owned companies) and multinationals such as CNH, Barco, Bekaert etc. At the end of 2016, the province counted 115.013 active companies, 21% of the Flemish total. […]
Karl Boumans
In a fast-paced era in which technology is shaping the future, Health House offers a unique platform for various stakeholders and allows them to showcase, educate, learn, experience and interact on cutting-edge digital technology and disruptive future trends in health and care. Technology, ecosystems and the promise of true healthcare Healthcare as we know it […]
Petra Van Bouwelen
The district of Mechelen, the hidden pearl between Antwerp and Brussels, has more than meets the eye but let us focus on the landmarks of three beautiful places of this district: 1. CITY OF MECHELEN Did you know that Mechelen has more classified ancient buildings than Bruges? This city was once the capital of the […]
Volker Klinges
We count as Germans do and we live as French do. I believe that people are right when they say that we are diligent and disciplined workers. But on the other hand, we can also celebrate and enjoy!